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Pinoys Best Employed Immigrant Group in Canada

Pinoys Best Employed Immigrant Group in Canada

This is a reblog of Junjie’s blogpost in Pinoys To Canada, January 11, 2014.

Let me pause for a while from sharing my personal experiences, and share with you government statistics I’ve found that provide insights on how Pinoy immigrants in Canada are doing in terms of getting employed.

“ Since 2006, when the immigrant labour force data series started, immigrants born in the Philippines have had the highest employment rate of all groups, including those born in Canada, who ranked second, while immigrants born in Europe had the third-highest rate. “

This according to the December 14, 2012 edition of The Daily, a publication by Statistics Canada.

It goes on to state that “The employment rate in 2011 among Filipino-born immigrants aged 25 to 54 was 85.6%, higher than the rate of 82.9% for the Canadian-born population and well above the rate of 73.1% for the Asian-born population as a whole.”

The article has this chart to better explain its four year comparative data.

Pinoy Immigrant Comparative Employment Rates

This is not a recent trend either.

An earlier Statistics Canada Research Paper titled “The Canadian Immigrant Labour Market in 2006: Analysis by Region or Country of Birth” covered earlier periods and observed that both men and women born in the Philippines (aged 25-54) had particularly strong labour market results relative to other immigrant groups, regardless of when they landed (from very recently landed to established for over 10 years). “In fact, Filipino-born very recent immigrants had an unemployment rate of 5.4%, which was only slightly higher than that of the Canadian born (4.9%).”

We’ll all have our own theories on why this is so ….. English? Education? Ability to Integrate? An eagerness to work? A good work ethic? Abilidad? The profile of a Pinoy immigrant? The willingness to work, the drive to want to work?

Regardless, we must be doing something right, something of value from Canadian employers’ point of view. Whatever the reason, for now at least, the data speaks for itself.

Don’t be afraid to come and migrate, Kabayan. Pinoys are doing well in the Canadian workplace.

I’ll be sharing more Pinoy stats in Canada in the next blogs. Till then ….

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