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More Pinoy Stats in Canada

More Pinoy Stats in Canada

This is a reblog of Junjie’s post in Pinoys To Canada, January 12, 2014.


As promised, here are more statistics on Pinoys here in Canada. Source of data : , which in turn cites Statistics Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Parliament of Canada, and news sources as its sources. Hope you find the information interesting.

How many are we Pinoys in Canada?  — There are about 500,000 Pinoys born in the Philippines but living in Canada as of May 2011. Of these, 454,340 were identified as immigrants of which 292,505 already had Canadian citizenship. The rest were “non-permanent residents”, such as students and temporary foreign workers.

How fast are we growing migration-wise?  ” In 2012, Canada admitted 32,704 Filipinos as permanent residents, an increase of 146 per cent since 2004.” It also noted that “the number of immigrants from the Philippines has increased dramatically in the recent years and since 2006 is the number one source of new immigrants to Canada, surpassing both China and India.”

It’s not surprising therefore, that “Tagalog, one of the main languages of the Philippines, was the mother tongue reported by 320,100 people in Canada in 2011, the most popular immigrant mother tongue after Chinese languages.”

Where are we Pinoys in Canada ?

Based on the numbers provided by the above source, I’ve created two graphics to show where we are. The source noted that “most people born in the Philippines live in Ontario: 218,660, and more specifically, Toronto, with 185,085.”

The cities of Vancouver (British Columbia), and Edmonton and Calgary (both in Alberta) also host the larger Pinoy communities.

There are Pinoys in all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Pinoy Locations

Pinoy Locations PIE chart


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