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Extending Your Stay in Canada

Extending Your Stay in Canada

Renewal of Status

It is possible to extend your temporary stay in Canada. This applies to visitors, as well as work or study permit holders. To renew your status, make sure you do it before your current status expires. With a renewal application, be sure you still satisfy the basic requirements for temporary status. This includes proving you will go back to your country after your stay. This also includes not violating any conditions set, such as not working/studying without a permit.


Typically visitors are allowed a maximum initial stay of six months. It’s recommended to apply for an extension of visitor status 30 days before the end of your stay.

Work Permit

Temporary workers’ initial stay varies depending on their LMIA. Typically, this would average two years, unless circumstances would shorten it, like passport expiration.

With temporary workers, they can only extend their stay to a total of four years. After these four years, they must spend two years without working in Canada. Only then will they be eligible for a work permit again. There are a few exemptions to this rule, such as international trade agreements like the NAFTA.

Study Permit

Typically, study permits are issued for as long it takes to complete the course you applied for. Currently, students have 90 days after the program is completed before the permit expires. Make sure to apply for your study permit renewal before the previous one expires.

Implied Status

Once you’ve filed for a renewal/extension, you retain your status until a final decision is made regarding your application. This means while your work permit renewal is still being processed, you are allowed to work. The same goes for study permits and continued studying. However, if your application is refused, you immediately lose your status. As a result, you must leave Canada.


As the name implies, a restoration application allows you to restore your status after you’ve lost it. This applies for people who failed to apply for a renewal, or have had their renewal applications refused. You have 90 days from the day your status is lost (implied or otherwise) to file for restoration. Unlike implied status, you are NOT allowed to work or study while your restoration application is being processed.

Since permits impose specific conditions, a restoration application will also be necessary when a person’s permit undergoes a change in condition. Changing jobs or getting a promotion (leading to a different NOC) will require an application to change conditions, as well as a restoration application. These applications must be made in advanced, prior to the change.

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